Chapter 111 – CE – UE: Unification of Wealth!

Chapter 111


Unification of Wealth!

CE = Comunidad Europea (Sp), CE = Communauté Européenne (Fr)

UE = Union Europea (Sp),   UE = Europäische Union (Ger)

Who wasn’t part of the CEE / CE:


Vatican City

The UNIFICATION of EUROPE in three facets, 1. theory  (UE) 2. economical (CEE) and 3. political (CE)

had not been seen by NO ONE in the European countries. NO ONE! No one! Not one teacher, scholar, politician, banking, no one!

Just one:

Cecilia Van de Vries.



See.. the ideology of CAPITALISM is build to EXPLOITATION, servility of the poor and undermined, thus justifies the INVASION to other places! The Banking System, build in the US a system in where no one truly understands how it works, unless we explain, is about DEBTS! It works by and via DEBTS! Debts creates LACK.

When you do wish to.. you TAKE IT.

Europe was in the vision of the EVIL CABAL to be EXPLOITED to bring them to their knees by devaluation each and every sector, food, wine, programming, even.. visiting, ENTRANCE fees.. all invaded, once all the different denominations of money according to each country in Europe would be

d e v a l u a t e d
as in the southern countries – all of them.

CENTRAL BANKING SYSTEM – created by the evil cabal mind and the catholics – the BLIND BEHIND THE TV SCREEN WHO DICTATES THE C.E.O WHAT TO DO.. thus, the C.E.O. brings them to the BOARD and the board to the MAIN AND GENERAL DIRECTOR – who in his seat now steps it down into each and every sector of his company/political system, the domain he is head of. HE DOESN’T SEE what he is doing. The C.E.O. may, yet in the hierarchical structure he had to OBEY!

Get Z?

The unification of the countries of Europe, first in the VIEW OF ONE EURO, then political, brought not the vision, Cecilia once had. THEY JUST WISHED TO UNIFIED to protect themselves from WAR, after ECONOMICS.

YET THE WAR WAS THE ECONOMICS! Building out of all nations just one NOTE for money – the EURO – gave power to the world wide VIEW AND VISION that the US AMERICA was not the richest and the most building country of the globe. They.. if Europe would not had been unified, would have slaughtered my beloved Europe!

Yet, you didn’t wished me nor us. You wished nothing of what I had to say to you, once I began speaking in 2015. Thus, they slathered you all anyhow =


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